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Pakistani Pilot slept for 2 hours, risks 300 lives

We have heard of many weird cases happening in Airlines; few weeks back, However, the incident which we will narrate today is going to drive you crazy and probably, you won’t even prefer flights after this.

Well, the senior pilot of Pakistani International Airlines Akhtar Hashmi, crossed limits of irresponsibility on a flight to London. What happened was that he was feeling extremely sleepy, due to which he asked a trainee pilot Ali Hassan Yazdani to handle the flight. Want to know what he did? He straightaway went to the business class cabin and had a good nap for around 2.5 hours.

There were around 305 passengers on this flight from Islamabad to London and it was actually a risky thing to depend on a trainee pilot. This incident took place on the 26th of April and as soon as the Airlines came to know about this, they took him off-duty.

The Airlines pays Akhtar Hashmi Rs 1 lakh every month for training pilots; on 26th of April, he had to train Yazdani, but instead of that, he preferred to rest in the business class cabin by putting the responsibility on him.

There were also reports that initially, PIA hesitated to take action against Hashmi as he holds a good position at PALPA i.e. Pakistan Air Lines Pilots Association, but after they got pressure from above, they had no option but to take him off duty.

Currently, the matter is being investigated; on the other hand Hashmi says that sleeping during long-hour flights is a normal thing, provided there are co-pilots.

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