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Ordinary life of Nawaz creates an extraordinary rumour

Surrounding much chaos, Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui decided to withdraw his memoir, ‘An Ordinary Life.’
This comes as an apology for ‘hurting everyone’s sentiments.’

The revelation of his past relationship with ‘Miss Lovely’ co-star Niharika Singh and former girlfriend Sunita Rajwar have gained wide criticization.The book was set to be launched on November 2.

Siddiqui’s tweet came after facing heavy criticism from the Miss Lovely co-star Niharika Singh and former girlfriend Sunita Rajwar.

The withdrawal of the memoir is a mutual decision taken by Siddiqui and his publisher, Penguin Random House India. “Given the entire controversy, he felt that he shouldn’t hurt any more sentiments,” the publicist said.

The actor has no denial for any of the incidents in the book, but it comes as an apology to everyone, especially Niharika and Sunita.

A Delhi-based lawyer has also filed a complaint with the National Commission for Women, alleging that Siddiqui had hurt Singh’s modesty.

The actor has published it without prior permission of Singh. The lawyer further voiced that this is sure to affect the marriage life of the victim.

Excerption of the book reads: Siddiqui had a year-and-a-half relationship with Singh and was set into motion after a “life-altering visit” to Singh’s apartment.

But Singh has a different narrative. “Nawaz and I had a casual relationship during the making of Miss Lovely that lasted less than a few months.” This is a sort of publicity stunt said the actress.

Slamming Siddiqui, one more television actor, Sunita Rajwar in a Facebook post accused Siddiqui of cooking up stories and layering facts.

About Rajwar, the book revealed “Sunita of madly falling for him.” Siddiqui also claimed that Rajwar’s decision to separate had almost left him dying.

This Ordinary life of Nawaz has created an extraordinary rumour!

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