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Oops!! Why US President’s Daughter Ivanka Trump Need To Learn Better English

Ivanka trump, daughter of Donald trump, also well known as a fashion model, a Businesswoman and in 2017 she has been appointed as an adviser in the white house.  Mrs Trump used to get unnecessary attention by her tweets and statements and had been criticised numerous times. This time she is getting trolled for her poor English in a TV show during an interview.

Here take a look at her tweets.

Out Of Touch

And Her Stand On ‘Nepotism’

Jason Miller, the chief spoke person for Mr Trump’s presidential campaign, clarified this saying “She’s working for free. She’s volunteering her time and effort for the good of the country. Everybody from the white House counsel to the Department Of Justice has said that this doesn’t violate any sort of nepotism rules.”

Being Complicit

And About Feminist

And she got a hilarious response on twitter. People are bashing Ivanka in their own way.

Here are some tweets where Ivanka was taken to the cleaners by the  Twitterati


Hope Ivanka will give attention to her #Ivanktionary!!

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