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Oops!! Justin Bieber slips inside a girl’s Instagram profile, what happened next breaks the Pop-star’s heart

If you’re not a Bieber fan, you can skip the next paragraph.

For once, just imagine this. While scrolling down all the unread DM’s on your Instagram, you happen to come across this particular message that makes you skip a beat. The message is from Justin Bieber and he says he wants to know you more! (We can hear some Beliebers screaming already). What would you do? Flip out instantly? Take 200 minutes thinking about a reply and still end up confused? Or start imagining your life after getting married to Beiber already?

What if I tell you that there is a girl who has lived this reality but had none of the exciting reactions from the above mentioned?

Non-Beliebers can continue from here. You’re welcome.

While browsing through his Instagram posts, Justin happened to befell up on this particular video of a pretty girl promoting an energy drink. The video was posted by an Instagram page of a gym in Georgia.

The 23-year-old singer was curious to know the name of the girl and therefore sent a DM to them asking, “Who is that girl in your latest post?” The pretty lady was Jessica Gober and just like us, she too was taken aback. She shared these screenshots.

Jessica shared her astonishment through this tweet:

Aww! We had our jaws dropped too, Jessica!

Jessi then did what most Indian girls do when a guy tries to initiate a conversation. Yes, you guessed it right. She played the dreaded “I have a boyfriend.” card!

Oops! Is it too late now to say sorry, Justin?

Whether you ‘Belieb’ it or not, you sure can’t deny it was entertaining. Well, Justin better luck next time.

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