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One Nation, One Election committee formed, ex-President Ramnath Kovind will be chief

The government has taken the first step towards one country, one election. In fact, the government has formed a committee to consider its possibilities. Former President Ramnath Kovind has been made the chairman of this committee. Notification on committee members will be issued shortly. However, opposition parties have raised questions on this step of the government. Congress has asked what is the need for this now? First, issues like inflation and unemployment should be resolved.

Let us tell you that in view of the financial cost of conducting elections, frequent administrative stagnation, difficulty in deployment of security forces and financial cost of political parties, the present government is considering the plan of one country, one election. Under this, the government wants to hold Lok Sabha and assembly elections of all the states simultaneously. In the year 1951-52, elections for the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies of all the states were held simultaneously.

After this, in 1957, 1962 and 1967, elections for the Lok Sabha and all the Assemblies were held simultaneously, but later due to premature dissolution of some Assemblies in 1968, 1969 and premature dissolution of the Lok Sabha in 1970, simultaneous elections were held. The cycle was interrupted. This is the reason that now the situation has become such that elections are being held somewhere or the other every year. In such a situation, the government is again considering the possibilities of holding elections to the Lok Sabha and all the state assemblies together. Now the formation of the committee is a big step in this direction.

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