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During an interview, Sharmila Tagore agreed that she still misses Saif’s ex-wife

Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan will be seen in the 10th episode of Koffee with Karan Season 8. This mother-son duo revealed many stories related to their personal life during their conversation on the show. Along with this, he also shared many heart touching moments with laughter and jokes in the show. During this, Saif Ali Khan also spoke openly about marriage and divorce with his first wife Amrita Singh. At the same time, what was Sharmila Tagore’s reaction when she came to know about this marriage, it was also revealed.

Regarding Saif’s marriage with Amrita, Sharmila Tagore said, ‘One day I was going to Mumbai for some work, during this time Saif came to me and said that I have something to tell you. After this he told me about his marriage with Amrita. Hearing this I became completely calm. I told Saif that we will talk about this later. After this I called Saif’s father and after hearing this he also became silent, then we left the matter there. The next day I called Amrita to meet. We drank tea together. I liked her but still I was surprised by this.

While talking about this, Saif told that his mother had tears in her eyes after hearing about the marriage. He said to me, ‘You hurt me.’ Saif further said, ‘After this, I spoke openly to my mother about my decision to get married suddenly at such a young age. I said it was like running away from home, a lot was going on in my mind then I felt the right way to get married. However, during this time Saif definitely admitted that the circumstances in his life changed a lot after getting married at the age of 20.

Saif said, ‘Even after separation from Amrita, we still share a respectful relationship as co-parents of Sara and Ibrahim.’ Regarding the separation of Saif and Amrita, Sharmila Tagore said, ‘It was not a good time for the family, because not only did I lose Amrita but Saif’s children Sara and Ibrahim also got separated from it.

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