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OMG ! The biggest secret ever revealed, Dutch King was working as a Pilot For 21 Years.

King of DutchWillem-Alexander who got the throne in 2013.

But before that no one knows, what was he doing ?

He turned 50 last week and gave a  candid interview to mark the milestone birthday and he disclosed his other role, in the cockpit

“I find flying simply fantastic,” he told De Telegraaf newspaper.

He also added  that very few people recognise him as he walks through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in KLM uniform and cap.

Until now Willem-Alexander has worked behind the joystick of a Fokker and it was already known that he had appeared as a “guest pilot” before being crowned king, in order to maintain his pilot’s licence.

What was not clear was that he was co-piloting passenger flights incognito, twice a month as king, often with KLM Captain Maarten Putman.

The Dutch government said last month that he had flown Fokker 70 aircraft for both the government and KLM Cityhopper service, and that the plane was being replaced this year with a 737. Cityhopper flights are aimed mainly at business travellers in dozens of European destinations, particularly in the UK, Germany and Norway.

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