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No Fear No Favour

OMG ! Raj Kumar slapped a director !

Pranks might irritate you to the core sometimes, isn’t it? However, it depends on a person how he reacts. Sometimes, people lose their cool, while at times, they handle the situations very patiently. Basically, it all differs from situation to situation and from person to person.

What if someone keeps pointing you out for something, even though you are a professional in that field? Won’t you feel pissed off? Won’t you feel like kicking the person right away?

Exactly the similar thing happened with Rajkummar Rao; the hosts tried to play a prank on him, but it went horribly wrong. In the video, it is seen that Rajkummar is practicing a romantic scene. The fake director tries and corrects him at every point of time. It’s just CUT, CUT and CUT. How do you think Rajkummar should have reacted?

Here is the video


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