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OMG! Man Poses With A Cobra for Selfie And What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind  


Selfie obsession is spreading around the world like a wildfire. Taking a selfie for social media show off is becoming famous. People die because of disease, accident, or suicide but now in this list, we have to include ‘Death while taking a selfie’.

Selfie obsession is being taken to another level and at times people become careless for their own safety. A boy last month in Dehradun while taking a selfie slipped in a 50 feet abyss.

Similar kind of negligence has been shown recently on a video surfaced on social media. A tourist in Jodhpur was watching a snake charmer playing his tricks. After a while, the snake charmer put the deadly cobra snake around that man’s neck.

The man was taking a selfie with that cobra when the cobra suddenly bit him.

The man realises it a few minutes later and told the snake charmer but he ignores it. After some time, he became unconscious and died that night.

These kinds of incidents actually tell us not to take unnecessary risk and value this life we have.

By – Parul Kulshrestha

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