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No Fear No Favour

Oh Really, This Boy got arrested for singing Chainsmoker’s song ‘Pull Me Closer’, watch the video.

Pakistani vlogger Nasir Khan Jan, recently “sang” his version of The Chainsmoker song ‘Closer’ and Yes he ruined it for us. Forever. The video he posted on youtube has more than 50k views so far.

Bizarrely, Nasir Khan even got punished for “Exposing” his ‘fans’. Hey, he has over 26K facebook followers and over 2K subscribers as well. The social media sensation was arrested for allegedly uploading some torturous video on social media.

What’s more? Later that day, Pictures of Jan handcuffed made rounds on social media.

But who is Nasir Khan Jan?

He posts funny videos on Facebook and Youtube of him kind of “Singing” (Should we say, destroying!) ranging from ‘Hollywood’ pop to ‘Bollywood’ masala. Check out his ‘Raees’ video as well.

In an interview with The Express Tribune, Nazir said that people ridiculed and abused him all the time on social video, he even gets death threats from people and also got attacked by locals who said he was bringing shame to the pakistani community.

Our take:

Why we are making fun of him, the man is doing what he thinks is right for him, who are we to judge anyone. Also, he isn’t bringing shame to the community, if anything, he is making fun of himself to entertain others, lodging FIR is ridiculous.

However, let’s watch Dhinchak Pooja together:

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