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No Fear No Favour

Oh no! Independent woman syndrome going bizarre.

Falling in love may come easily to some women, but not to those who are fiercely independent. Sadly, relationships often have the tendency of turning into a guardianship system, and more often than not, they end up suffocating the one-time lovers.

Have you ever dated a fiercely independent woman? Did you write her off, assuming she didn’t have room in her busy life for you? I can’t speak for all women, but I can tell you that this independent woman makes time for the people who are important; family, friends, and the man her my life.

Independence doesn’t mean I want to live alone for the rest of my life, doing everything for myself. It doesn’t mean I can’t time slot a man into my life”, as some men have feared. Yes, my life is gloriously full, And I want a relationship. Unfortunately, many of the men I date don’t understand how that works.

Now, if you are one of the fortunate ones, who do manage to sail through the sea of jealousy, possessiveness, inquisitiveness, and random nagging–then good for you. But, women who don’t like to be treated like a prized possession and can manage to commute without an escort at all times find the unnecessary concern irritating.

So, it would be safe to say that with great independence comes great difficulty in managing a love life. And probably here’s why, Their Existence Does Not Depend On a Call, They are not living BPOs and refuse to glue the phone to their ears. They don’t feel the need to be in touch with their partners 24×7 like a hotline. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that unless the bae in question here minds the absence and bickers over the low telephone bill.

Mele babu me kya khaya? Mele babu me kya pehna? Mele babu ne aaj kya kiya? Well, independent women have no patience for the baby talk and hate constant updates. Like seriously, why do couples feel the need to update each other on mundane things in life like a news ticker?
Who doesn’t like to spend time with the love of their life, but turning into a Siamese twin is definitely not appreciated. Love needs space to grow and the lack of it is suffocating and consuming. Though, some men find it very hard to let the women be on their own and their need to chauffeur them around and babysit them, results in THE END.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in consulting your partner or asking him for advice, but some women don’t like being told what to do, what to say, and how to behave. To come to think of it, no woman does. But, those with the free-spirit, the restrictiveness is a deal breaker.

The mere thought of letting the man claim the bread-earner trophy is nauseating to them. They would rather work their ass off than be handed out treats. Unfortunately, some men can’t handle the blatant lack of dependency and the relationship turns into a war zone.

7 Things Independent women Do In Relationships That Make Them So Much Stronger

I want to point out that “independent” doesn’t mean “distant.” People who see themselves as independent often use that as a mask for less desirable qualities: stubbornness, selfishness, and the fear of intimacy. People who are truly independent know that they still have to be giving, emotionally-open partners, willing to compromise on important issues and to make time for their loved ones. Their independence is manifested in ways that ultimately promote intimacy with their boyfriend and the long-term health of their relationships by preventing the emotional burnout that many couples experience.

  • They spend time alone
  • hey spend time with other people
  • They don’t “check in” constantly
  • They let their partners do their own thing
  • They stand up for themselves
  • They don’t rush to move in together
  • They travel alone

I think one of the reasons I’m such a commitment-phobe is I’m afraid I’d lose myself in a relationship. We all know at least one couple that spends so much time together, they practically start talking like each other. You guys, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Relationships aren’t about becoming one with the other person. They’re about giving to and taking from another person. They’re about teaching and learning. Most of all, they shouldn’t change who you are.

You never want to enter a relationship and lose your individuality because it’s what makes you special, and you can still be independent while committing to another person. Here’s how to stay the fiercely independent woman you are while in a relationship.





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