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Nuclear Power Station Sparks Controversy After Holding Bizarre Bikini Contest For Internship.

The nuclear power station in the Czech Republic has been forced to apologize for their bizarre ‘Internship bikini pageant’ to choose its new female intern.

The power plant located near the city of Ceske Budejovice in the South Bohemian Region in the South-western Czech Republic, sparked a backlash with this recruitment policy.

The largest producer ‘Temelin’ opened up the competition and asked “pretty girls” to step forward.

Later, administrators selected 10 girls who “stepped forward” and the nuclear power plant organised a special photo shoot to showcase their beauty, because it is essential to look beautiful while working in a nuclear power plant, right?

The ‘pervertness’ isn’t stopping there as the company posted the snaps on the official website and asked the fans to vote for the hottest to secure the internship job.

The story hits headlines around the world and sparked outrage among many who branded this whole process “sexist” and “scandalous” by critics.

Representatives of Temelin said the bikini contest was only one part of a beauty pageant among school graduates, adding that they were “trying to make technical education more popular”.

Bosses have expressed regret for any upset caused but said the campaign was “misunderstood”.

It is 2017, and it is disappointed to see someone could gain a professional advantage for their good looks. Because obviously, the Knowledge does not matter.

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