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Now You Will Soon Be Able To Climb On To The Moon If This Idea Comes Into Reality

We all have heard, read and watched the cartoon where a boy exchanges his cow for beans which magically transform into a gigantic beanstalk overnight, which passes through the sky. What if, same comes into reality and you could actually climb onto the moon like the boy in the cartoon did? Now, you would be wondering that our writer is high, and weekend hangover had still had not set them free. But believe us, it’s true. If the idea comes into reality, you would soon be able to climb up to the moon just like the boy in the story did.

 In a contest organised by National Aeronautics and Space Administration, an 18-year-old Chennai lad bagged the second position in the grade 12 category for the above-described idea.

 His idea? He proposed an elevator from the earth to the moon, making a human settlement possible on the latter.

 Sai Kiran P participated in this annual contest that was organised by NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose State University, and the National Space Society (NSS). The competition invited entries from around the world, only up to 12th grade.

 The agenda of the contest was to have these kids design proposal human settlements on the Moon.

As soon as getting the idea of the contest, Sai started fabricating the proposal. He started working on the project back in 2013 and had written a detailed thesis on the project.

 His work, which was titled ‘Connecting Moon, Earth and Space’ and ‘HUMEIU Space Habitats’ facilitated basis for humans to be transported to the moon via an elevator so that they can stay there.

 “The first segment of the project is about creating elevators that could transport humans and cargo to the Moon so that humans can form their settlements there. The most important aspect was that of gravity as, without gravity, humans won’t be able to settle there,” The Asian Age report quotes Sai Kiran.

 His thesis further emphasised on setting up recreation, entertainment, governance, and agriculture, on the Moon. He even mentioned the height of the elevator, which will be 40,000km. He further added that the design could be lunar-based or earth-based elevators, whichever is suitable.

In all honesty, all of us have thought of this at one point in our life, we just lacked the technical backing. So folks, time to back and mull over about all the ideas that came to you where you were a kid – who knows, it might bring in some credit.

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