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Now you have a chance to buy King Khan’s car. No, we aren’t joking

A car dealer, who goes by the name of Ashu Boss, recently posted an advertisement on Facebook hoping to sell a car. However, this high-end car was unlike the other cars that Boss usually sells. The advertisement had pictures of a BMW 740 LI, purportedly belonging to actor Shah Rukh Khan, as well as the registration card with Khan’s name and the address of his Mannat house clearly mentioned.

The advertisement was posted on August 6, but the dealer claimed that he was asked to put the car up for sale a month ago. “I was given the details by one of Khan’s PA; I cannot reveal the name. But he has promised me that if I sell this car, I will be given seven other cars belonging to Khan, to be sold in the market,” Boss claimed.

While SRK was unavailable for comment, an executive from his public relations team called the advertisement fake and said that the actor had sold the car a while ago. However, there was no response to repeated attempts for a formal comment on the authenticity of the claims made in the post.

In his post, the dealer has even claimed that the purchaser of the car will get to meet the actor in person. The amount quoted in the post as the sale price is Rs 38 lakh. “Like me, there are many other dealers who have been given to sell the car. I have posted it on Facebook, but haven’t found a buyer yet,” said the dealer, who is based out of Nagpur.

The post reads (sic), “Actor Shahrukh Khan car, petrol hai, 53,000 kilometres. VIP number, 38 lakh, meeting direct Shahrukh Khan, this is real, not joke, only serious buyers contact.”

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