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No Fear No Favour

Now it’s time to sing “Pak-Chini Bhai Bhai “

China which has become the support system of Pakistan.

As china has gifted Orange-Line Metro Train project in Lahore is a special gift of Pakistan-China friendship. The chief minister of Punjab in Pakistan Muhammed Shehbaz Sharif  said that people of Pakistan can never forget this gift from the people of China.

Zhang Yunling, an influential academic who is member of the presidium of the official Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), an official think-tank, said in Beijing that the government should proceed carefully with transnational projects under the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR). China is hosting its first OBOR summit on May 14, with 28 leaders to attend.
Zhang also said that contrary to many reports, China hasn’t already committed $46 billion to CPEC. “There is some misunderstanding about China Pakistan cooperation. Yes it’s tens of billions but its not one lump-sum investment. It is a gradual investment.”

China is unlikely to do a u-turn on CPEC, a part of which runs through PoK. Beijing has already given the green light to expanding the Karakoram highway, the Gwadar port project and a number of energy project.
Earlier Pakistan has given China exclusive rights to run Gwadar port for the next 40 years. It has also established a new 13,000-troop army division to protect the emerging economic corridor And it has deployed police forces to shield Chinese nationals and construction sites from tribal insurgents.

Though a senior BJP leader has revealed that Dawood was reportedly seen in a Beijing hospital

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