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Now Fly To Noida, Delhi’s Second Airport To Be Built In Jewar

The civil aviation ministry has given an approval for Delhi’s second airport to be built in Jewar region.

The approval came after a meeting with stakeholders and defence ministry officials.

The UP government in April sought a fresh “technical evaluation” for Jewar airport was made by Yogi-Adityanath led government which came to power

The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) in the Gurgaon region handles more than 1100 flights at the moment.

1. The real estate developers have invested heavily in Jewar district. The upcoming airport will positively affect property prices.

2. As the State Government is keen to develop infrastructure, the land acquisition will be simplified further which results in bigger monetary benefits for Jewar land owners.

3. Now with an airport in the horizon, Multinational companies will probably set up their base in and around Jewar which will result in new job opportunities for people.

4. The airport is going to fill a major infrastructure gap in the region.

5. It would also give a major push to the tourism in the region as it will be closer to Agra than the Indira Gandhi International Airport. This will bring Agra and Taj Mahal closer to the world, giving a boom to the tourism sector.

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