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No Fear No Favour

Now, customise your own smartphone.

Are you dismayed by the fact that the smartphone you bought last year is outdated in 2017? The Smartphone you showed off to your friends is nothing but a piece of dumb-box? Now, welcome to the future where you can change your smart phone’s camera when you consider that selfie you clicked is not good enough, then swipe in with the new set of camera. That cracked screen making you frustrated? Replace the new screen with the other, and that too without un-screwing any screw. Speakers on your phone are a major setback when you are on a road trip with your friends?

Worry not, change that as well.

Yes, you read that right. Now you can change each and every part of your smartphone that you consider is not good. Welcome to the future. A future where you can customise your own phone according to your liking. Google is working on a project which will re-define how you use your smartphone. Google named this project ARA. If this tech comes to reality, then surely it will change the way how we use a smartphone. To know more, watch the video here.

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