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Not Just India, This European City Is Also Having Ban Season

Its just not only India who is facing the ‘ban’ culture, but also looks like the same is taking the world to its feet. Venice, which is famous for its exotic locations, breataking views and enticing culture had been hammered down with the recent order.


In a new order, Venice has banned new kebab shops and other fast-food restaurants from opening to “preserve decorum and traditions” in the canal city.

The new law will also limit the number of shops selling pizza by the slice, but shops selling artisanal ice cream will be spared.

“We want to put the brakes on types of activities which are not compatible with the preservation and development of Venice’s cultural heritage,” said Paola Mar, the city’s tourism chief, according to The Guardian.

The city does not object to kebabs or fast food in principle, she said, adding that she does not have a problem with people eating outside.

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