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No newspaper access, security cordon, patrols: How Sasikala is holding ‘Kidnapped’ MLA’s

On Wednesday, Sasikala camp whisked away 130 MLAs to a 5-star resort to prevent them from having any conversations with O Panneerselvam. Many Political pundits think that this is practically a case of kidnapping.

Media reports said the MLAs were taken to an unknown location and were not reachable through the phone. A plea was also filed in Madras HC alleging that the MLA’s were being held captive. One MLA’s wife even filed a FIRs to “find her missing husband”.

Later, it was revealed that some MLA’s were in Golden Bay Resorts on East Coast Road. Indiatoday today gives the new details about how the MLAs are being kept there.


1. India today reported that Sasikala supporters have replaced resort security guards and banned people from entering or leaving. Resort security staff is working inside the building itself.

2 The Bizzare thing is, there is now perimeter security to ensure that MLAs don’t manage to escape from the resort. Also, there are extra guards who will be barring Journalists and TV crews from entering the resorts.

3. Mobile signals and WiFi are being turned off, landline internet/Ethernet wires have also been deactivated.

4. The MLAs have been ordering foods from room service in their rooms, only a few ones have the access to common food area.

5. Sasikala supporters have given strict orders to Hotel staff to not to give MLA’s any newspapers to read.

6. The MLAs had informed about their well-being to their families.

7. Hotel staff has been tasked to patrol near MLA’s rooms and it sometimes leads to a quarrel. Some MLAs have questioned and fought with the staff over it.

8. The food menu includes resort’s complimentary breakfast buffet, different kinds of rice and vegetables, fish and mutton curry, thalis and desserts.

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