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No More Worries For Crowd In BJP Rallies. N.D Tiwari Joins “With Family”

Being Bhartiya Janata Party’s poster face for every election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has that charm and the power to influence people. That’s why ocean of people are seen attending his rallies wherever he held.

Every party has a face that helps the political party to gather the crowd by his name only. For BJP, Narendra Modi is that face. Modi’s charisma is powerful and had helped BJP to gather crowd only by his name.


As N.D Tiwari talks of joining BJP, this will give some relief to BJP ground workers in managing the crowd for every rally. N.D Tiwari is famous for having wives, marriages and kids.

N.D Tiwari joining BJP will help the party in following ways:

1) More crowd, less mismanagement as there will no need to be making barricades.
2) The cost of managing the crowd will come down drastically.
3) Sophisticated people will be seen in the crowd, and
4) More Charming people will be seen

N.D Tiwari surely will benefit the BJP in gathering crowd to BJP

DISCLAIMER: The article is meant for entertainment purpose only. Readers are advised not to take it seriously

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