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No masturbation, no video games and no fizzy drinks: Chinese Army

To filter out the poor crop of youths trying their hands in People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China’s government had set the new guidelines for the same. Introducing the new set of rules, the Chinese government will now look into your personal life of masturbating and playing video games. Yes!! You read that correct.

The alarm rang within the security circles in China when the condition of potential army recruits, with Ministry of Defense reporting a “staggering” increase in physical examination failures among hopefuls.

If reports are to be believed, the failure reached 56.9 per cent this year in one of the Chinese city. “Seeing an 18-year-old man in a bunch of twists and turns in the physical examination [gave us] cause for thought. What is the problem?” the report on the ministry website asks. Well, according to the Chinese defense, the poor dietary decisions and lifestyle habits are crippling wannabe soldier’s potential.

Some experts believe the reasons [to be]…. Long-term consumption of soft drinks… wine drinks, hot pot, fatty food… staying up late,” the report states.

According to the reports, the computer devices accounted for 46 percent of army trialist failures, with the fixation on screens apparently hampering their depth of vision.

Masturbation has caused the problem for the future ranks of the Chinise military, with the Ministry of Defense warning which is caused to enlarged varicose veins

The news has resulted in a number of people mocking the condition of prospective soldiers online.

However, the People’s Liberation Army has since moved to quell fears over the quality of successful recruits.

“The quality of our recruits is guaranteed, and the headwaters of our military will flow long and strong,” a PLA statement read.

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