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No Fear No Favour

#NLCSatire: These weird reasons will leave you in splits as why they ‘Donate’ money in exam sheets.

‘Hard work is the way to success,’ ‘There’s no shortcut to the success.’ Are the little saying which motivates many of us to do better in their life. But for a UPwallah, there’s alternative for everything, even for success.

From the beginning, our parents focus on the quality education we get, so that we can our good future. They try everything possible to get their child the best education. But not all can afford the same education and left at the mercy of the state boards. And UPwallah being a UPwallah, they can get anything possible to pass that exam.

On the condition of anonymity, NLC spoke to a student from Uttar Pradesh state boards; he said “Kal raat BhaiyaaJii ki Shaadi thi… Kuch padh nhi paaye, tow kya karte?? Chipka diye 500 ka note, aur likh diye ‘aapki meherbaani’”


This is not the first time, UPwallahs are doing anything possible to get across that maths exam (which everyone fears). He said, “Bachpan se he ganit (Mathematics) se darr lagta tha… Aaj puri tarike se taiyaar hun… Pharre bana liye hain, bas paper ka intezaar hai” a student from the 10th class said.

If there’s a scale of measuring the state of English in the state, and Taher Shah’s song being the highest number to be ranked, it would just place well below that. Looks like the sate doesn’t want to overtake that place.

For the same, we talked to a student, and the only one who could only speak, said, in his “tutti-phutti angrezi” said, “My mom say, you well speak English, I too feel that. I will be going to get good marks in English”

Another student, on being asked how he had prepared himself for the exam, said “Kuch nhi jii, aaj subha Papa ki jaib se 500-500 ke do note nikaal liye the, unhi ke bharose aaye hai exam dene”

Talking to the girl, on the same, she said “Arrey hume kya karna hai jee padhkar?? Gharwaalon ne waise he shaadi tey kar di hamari, ab kya kar sktey hain? Bas exam mein I love you likh aayenge.. Aakhir voh bhi ladka hai.. pighal he jaayega”

On talking to all these students, the writer had got some real tricks to pass on for the needy.

(Readers are advised not to take this article seriously.)

By: Ananya Pandit

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