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#NLCSatire: Summer Vacation For Rahul Gandhi, EnrouteTo ‘Naani’ House

What excites school students are the ‘Holidays’ that they would get, and the summer vacations are the added happiness for them. Those visiting ‘naanis’ and ‘daadis’ houses are one of the most joyous places they can find. The lullabies, the love, the care, and the above all, the demands that get fulfilled are way too high than Sachin Tendulkar’s record combined. Taking the cue, Congress Party Vice President, Rahul Gandhi, has also announced, yet another, vacation on Twitter.

Announcing his vacation on twitter, Rahul Gandhi tweets, “Will be travelling to meet my grandmother and family for a few days. Looking forward to spending some time with them!.” When NLC talk to the members associated with the party supported the vacation and said, “He (Rahul Gandhi) had given so much to the nation, to the party, to the farmers, to the women, and to everyone. Doesn’t he need one vacation?”

Talking to another senior party member, he said, “Every child would visit their grandparent’s house, why Rahul Gandhi visit is being questioned?” NLC countered the questions asking “Do you take Rahul Gandhi a child?” To which he feels discomfort and said, “That’s not what I wanted to say. You’re taking things out of context” and walked away.

Rahul Gandhi trip is not new and will not be new, but the timing will be questioned.

(This article was written in a fun mood, and should not be taken seriously)

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