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NLCSatire: Parents stopped using cell-phones and staying inside after their son scored only 90% in board exams!

More than 72 hours have passed since CBSE 12th board results were announced. However, the Sharma family staying in the sector 8 area is still in a state of shock from the time they saw their son Rajiv mark sheet.

The family has decided for the ten marks Rajiv has lost, at least they will have ten-day mourning when the wi-fi router and TV remain switched off. No proper meals for the family either, all have to manage with bread jam and whatever left in the fridge.

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma asked everyone in the family to keep their phones off, outside the gate, they have put up a big lock. Other than Mr. Sharma who will go outside to apply for Rajiv’s re-evaluation of all the papers, it has been strictly instructed, no one else in the family will step outside the gate.

“It’s the last thing we want someone knocking our door or make a call to ask for Rajiv’s marks when we are in Chintan Baithak for ten days. We very well understand about Rajiv’s pathetic board performance, I do not know why my relatives, neighbours are hell-bent on rubbing salt into our wounds”, said Shashank while standing in a queue to apply for the re-evaluation of the papers.

Mr. Shashank who looked tired without proper sleep for few nights said, “Even for a moment I would not have imagined Rajiv will do this badly. So much sacrifice me and my wife did for last one year. Rajiv ne pura paani pher diya hamari umeed pe”.

When we asked, what would have been a decent mark sheet for the family, Mr. Sharma said, “At least 496. With 490, what he will be able to do with his life. The top colleges in DU, cut off will start with 100 percent”.

Mr. Sharma got a bit of good news at last when he came back home. Mrs. Sharma told him, “Do you know, our neighbour Vermaji’s daughter Nupur has scored only 488. After you left for CBSE office, I was locking the gate when Mrs. Verma came inside with sweets”.

While swallowing a piece of soft sweet along with hard bread, Mr. Sharma said to his wife, “Kaisse Log hai, 488 pe sweets distribute karte hain and do not apply for re-evaluation.

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