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#NLCSatire: Ousted MLA Kapil Mishra Gets A Farewell Treat From The Delhi Assembly

Protests in the Indian Parliament are almost an every-day affair now. It is almost a dream to expect our political leaders to ever let a session go by smoothly with them giving each other time to speak and voice their opinions. However, what happened on Wednesday in the Delhi Assembly proved that there is no difference between a session in India and a fist-fight on the road.

The politics surrounding Kapil Mishra took a U-turn when he was thrown out from the Delhi Assembly. The speaker kept shouting “Bashar nikka lo inhe… Bashar nikka lo.” After the incident, out reporter contacted the MLA, Punky Pandey, present at the time of the incident said that the words of the speaker was misinterpreted and was misrepresented in context. The speaker wanted to convey that the leader should be respectfully moved out from the premises, but the over excited MLAs took it otherwise and took Kapil Mishra out rather in a most relevant manner.

Talking to the other MLA, Pinki Chaudhary, said that the MLAs took the Dangal movie rather seriously. Adding further, she says, “The MLAs were little excited after hearing the news of Dangal movie done a great job in China and inspired by the movie, the MLAs showed their wrestling skills as to promote it even further.”

On talking to another MLA, Arjit Saxena, he says, “Why should our party be any different? Look at the Parliament, it has the history of having such incidents in their name, the media didn’t make up that issue ever, why should it be an issue now? We have a party with a vision, we are different. Unlike other political parties, our party member didn’t injure anybody MLA. He is a friend of us, so we took extra measures of security.”

Talking to Mr Farzy Sharma, the MLA present there, says, “It’s all rubbish” shouting at the highest of its volume (But not louder than some journalist on TV), he added, “It was a shooting going on for a movie that was taken place in the Delhi Assembly. We have all the proof with us. The media is diverting the issue”

Our reporter tried contacted the party leader of, Karvind Aejriwal, he targeted the opposition and give it a conspiracy theory of the opposition, “Yeh sab CJP vale mile huye hain jee.. Yeh NodiJii ke chaal hai… Voh hamara MLA tha he nahi jee… Aur naahi haamre logon ne aisi harkatein kari… Yeh sab NodiJii ke chaal hai”

It’s not the first time when any Assembly got in such a brotherhood, in the past, political parties had celebrated these kinds of steps.

By: Ananya Pandit

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