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#NLCSatire: Devastated By 12th Board Results, Bihar Teachers Now Demands Re-Examinations

Bihar board results have been announced, and by the very foundation on which Bihar has laid it’ base, the result didn’t manage to surprise us with 64percent average fail rate with 70  and 62 percent fail rate in science and arts respectively. The numbers aren’t shocking to us as Bihar had stood up to its reputation and managed to surpass even our low expectations of the Bihar board


One of the students who had given the board exam this year, depressed and saddened after seeing his result, the student had blamed the administration for being strict after last year’s topper scam gate, she said, “Yeh sasura uss Ruby Rai ki bajah se hua, naa voh ‘Prodigal Science’ bolti aur naa hum fail hote.” (You don’t expect English from a Bihar state student, pun intended)

The frustration, depression and the sadness can be easily seen in the eyes of other students as well. Talking to other students, who appeared for the boards, were also seen criticizing the move for not able to get a chance for cheating, he said, “Sasura, hamara tow saara plan he chaupat hui gawa eggjaam mein nakal karne ka… Sasura hamar saare farrey bekaar chale gaye… Eggjaam room se nikal diya voh alag.”

Not only does the student, but also the teachers of the school were also seen complaining the move taken by the government of the state to tightly pull the strings on the ongoing cheating in the exam halls. One such teacher who was giving other teachers some brilliant knowledge about prodigal science in his house, told our reporter that he and his fellow teachers are deeply disturbed by the news and are planning to take some strict action against those toppers who didn’t help their friends in the exam halls. He further said,  “Until last year, we (teacher) did have the time for all the gossips among us, but after these strict steps taken by the government, we are having a hard time to give up our ‘habit’ of gossiping.”

 Talking to other teachers, she also accepts the fact that laws are coming down very hard on them and having a difficult time to adjust to their real job, she said, “The students would write their exams side-by-side and their parents and guardians would help them clear their exam. It’s a fun environment, I would say. With parents around and helping their children to pass the exams, it was like a Suraj Barjatya movie in real life.”


Ever since the Ruby Rai’s topper case has emerged, there’s some kind of suffocation students feeling while giving their exams.

(Readers are advised not to take this article seriously.)

By: Ananya Pandit

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