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#NLCExclusive: Yogi In Full Action. Demands The List Of All The Slaughter Houses Operating In UP

Since, the time Yogi Adityanath came into power, he started shutting down the illegal slaughter houses in Uttar Pradesh. From Varanasi to Ghaziabad, there is news of putting the ban on slaughterhouses.


Beef has always been a volatile issue in the communal sensitive state, Uttar Pradesh. Incidents like Akhlaq, who was beaten to death on just the rumours of keeping the red meat. And on the contrary, BJP Kashmir leader Khursheed Ahmed Malik  threw a beef party for the sake of religious tolerance.


In recent times, the red-meat had garnered a lot of traction because of the BJP’s announcement in their manifesto to put a ban on all the abattoir in the state. Having a hardline “Hindutva” image, and an aggressive Hindu leader, and having much of the “gaushalas” with his name, these might be many of the reasons why he is so desperate to shut down all the slaughter houses in the state. But, there are still few beef exporters of Beef from Uttar Pradesh, who are still untouched.


This isn’t a big count, they are just 26 big exporters of beef from UP, which should be banned.

Here, we present you the list of these 36 slaughter houses which exports beef from UP.


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