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NLC Top 4: Check out the top 4 news around the globe.

  1. Delhi Schools to remain shut due to risk of COVID- 19: SISODIA:

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia today announced on a press conference on Wednesday that all the schools in Delhi will remain closed till further notice due to the risk of COVID- 19 spread amongst children.

Delhi Government had already announced that schools will remain closed till October 31.

“We keep getting feedback from parents that they are really concerned about whether it is safe to reopen schools. It is not. Wherever schools have reopened, Covid-19 cases among children have risen. So we have decided that as of now schools in the national capital will not reopen. They will continue to be closed till further orders,” Sisodia said.

2. Chennai woman taken away by police from her girlfriend’s house.

Anannya, a 22- year old woman in Chennai taken away by police from her girlfriend Regina’s house and forcibly taken to her parents’ house in Kerala.

However, Anannya later ran away from her parents house after they opposed the same sex relationship. She has been living with her girlfriend from past 20 days.

When police showed up at their house, Regina and Annanya contacted a lawyer and a member from Crime Prevention and Victim Care (CVPC).

3.Facebook India’s Public Policy head Ankhi Das quits company.

Ankhi Das, who is the Deputy Public Policy Director of Facebook India has quit the social media company after she recirved questions regarding hate- speech policy and showing favoritism towards Bhartiya Janta Party.

Das told media that she is leaving Facebook to pursue her “personal interest in general public “.

Das was one of the oldest employees of Facebook from India as she joined the company in 2011.

4. Australian journalist got attacked by a magpie. Video goes viral.

Footage showing an Australian reporter got attacked by a magpie moments before he was going on air for evening bulletin gone viral.

The footage shows Brett Mc Leod, a senior journalist from 9 News channel. He was preparing a live broadcast from the Parliament house about how COVID- 19 restrictions were been relaxed in the city. Just before going on air, a magpie bird dived into the reporter and started pecking on his face.

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