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NLC Shorts: Check out the Top 4 news around the globe.

  1. Delhi’s Rajiv Gandhi Hospital will store the COVID- 19 Vaccine.

A three storey building of Delhi Government’s Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital will be converted into COVID- 19 Vaccine storage centre, said Dr. BL Sherwal on Thursday.

The storage centre will occupy a space of about 5,000 square meters by mid- December. The decision was taken in the view of National Health Mission.

2. ‘Thanks to those who laughed at my broken dreams.’ Kangana Ranaut on High Court’s verdict.

Bombay High Court today has cancelled the BMC demolition notice to actress Kangana Ranaut on the property demolishment of her office in Bandra on September 2020.

3. American woman returns the stolen ancient Roman Marble and apologize for being an “a**hole”.

An American woman who stole the ancient Roman marble has mailed the piece back to Italy’s National Roman Museum along with an apology letter.

“Please forgive me for being such an American a–hole,” the letter said. “I took something that was not mine to take.”

“I feel terrible for not only having taken this item from its rightful place, but having written on it as well.”

“I spent hours trying to remove the writing, but without success,” She wrote in the letter.

4. Four doctors arrested for illegal organ harvesting in China.

Six Chinese individuals including four doctors got arrested for 2 years and four months for illegally harvesting organs of patients in southeast China.

The group tricked the patients and their families that they were donating the organs to the needy ones. Between 2017-18, they have removed kidneys and livers of 11 patients at a hospital at Anhui province.

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