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NLC Shorts: Check out the Top 4 news around the globe.

  1. Kissan Unions to end rail blocklades for 15 days from November 23: Punjab CM.

Chief Minister of Punjab Amrinder Singh said that the unions have decided to end rail blockades for 15 days starting November 23 night after his meeting with Kisan Union.

“I welcome this step since it’ll restore normalcy to our economy. I urge Central government to resume rail services in Punjab forthwith.” He said.

2. Oldest known man-made nanostructures seen in Tamil Nadu: Scientists

Scientists in Tamil Nadu hVe discovered the oldest known man-made nanomaterials in the “unique black coatings of ancient pottery shards”.

According to the researchers, these coatings are made of nanotubes which helped the layer to last over 2,600 years.

They said that these are the oldest human-made nanostructures which were formed in 8th or 9th century AD.

3. Black man murder in a supermarket sparks violent protests in Brazil.

Killing of a black man by two security guards at a Carrefour Supermarket in Porto Alegre, Brazil has lead to violent protests in the country.

A video went viral in which showed a guard kneeling on a black man named Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas after he was repeatedly punched in the face outside the supermarket.

The incident happened on Thursday, on the eve of Black Consciousness Day.

4. COVID- 19 Vaccine: Pfizer and BioNTech seek emergency approval for their vaccine in US.

American based medicine giant Pfizer and German partner BioNTech have opted for Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their COVID- 19 vaccine supplier.

This is the first corona vaccine making company to seek regulatory approval in the US. During Phase- 3 trial, the vaccine has resulted in being 95% effective in preventing the virus without any major safety precautions.

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