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NLC Satire: Working ATM’s beats TajMahal, Shimla and Pubs to became India’s most popular New year destination!

Since the demonetisation Atm’s values are keep rising, recently in a survey it is revealed that ATM’s beat Metro city pubs, Goa hotels, Tajmahal beauty and Shimla snowfall to become the most popular tourist destination this year. In fact, The number of visitors to the ATMs in the cities are twice than the visitors to the monuments, and hill stations.

Our reporter who visited TajMahal on Christmas asked the official about the competition between ATM’s and Monuments he said: “On any given day, Taj Mahal used to be crowded with tourists, both Indians, and foreigners. Now, with the demonetization, ATMs are the new monuments in the country and any other building, Taj or not, is only secondary. Yesterday, 100s of them, waiting in line for a tour of Taj, started running towards an ATM as soon as they heard a rumor that it is being loaded with cash”.

“You know, the visitors used to take photographs with the Taj in the background. Presently, the trend is to take Selfies with the cash in hand, in front of an ATM. A few even hired professional photographers to take the photos. In fact, most of the professional photographers have now shifted to the ATMs”, he further added.

Same condition in Delhi where our reporter asked college student about their New Year plans, one student said “We always planned for Kasol, Shimla on New year, but this year I wanted to do something for my family, what better way to show your love towards your family than joining the long queues of ATM’s?

Another student said, “Shimla and HauzKhas pubs aren’t going anywhere but the cash in the ATM may disappear any time”.

Going by the theme some HauzKhas pubs were planned to bring live DJ’s and Liquors to ATM lines in New year as they expect much bigger crowd there than in their irrespective pubs.

(This article is a work of fiction, readers advised to not take it personally)

BY: Saket Sharma

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