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NLC Satire: MP’s were impressed with Demonetisation performance of Axis Bank, even demanded one branch on their home premises.

Impressed with the post-demonetization performance of Axis Bank, some MPs have come together and asked for an Axis Bank branch on their houses.

This demand for a new branch was raised after knowing that how it turned to be easy for the Axis Bank branch to turn black money into white.

In the weeks following the announcement of demonetization, several cases related to Axis Bank have come up where fake accounts were created to launder people’s black money.

While Axis Bank has suspended 19 employees after these cases, some politicians have really appreciated the performance of these employees.

“We have been following the developments very closely since demonetization and I must say, this is the bank that has impressed us the most. There have been sporadic cases from other banks too but obviously they didn’t have the dedication or focus of Axis. These are the qualities we look for while selecting a bank and that is why we think Axis should open a branch within our offices premises “an MP said on the condition of anonymity.

Another MP said, “Earlier we had to spend half our time finding a good banker or agent who can work with us. Now we can save all that time and use that to work for the development of our constituency.
Ultimately it is the public that is benefitting na. Therefore, Axis Bank should open a separate branches for us MP’s and ideally post those 19 suspended employees on that branches, or do one thing make one separate branch for us in parliament and post all those 19 suspended employees there”

Meanwhile, Axis Bank has issued a statement to its clients in which they have asked the people to not get scared by the huge crowd outside Axis branches as half of them are Income Tax officials.

(This news is part of our daily satire articles, readers advised to not to take it seriously)

BY: Saket Sharma.

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