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NLC Satire: How can you digest if RBI implements these new rules for Demonetisation?

RBI is changing rules of demonetization faster than the speed of light. Are these changes just random or well planned? A leaked document which has RBI’s seal and Urijit Patel’s signature reveals 5 new demonetization rules that will be applied in the coming days:

1. National Anthem Is Compulsory in All ATM’s otherwise money will not be withdrawn.

1 rbi

2. Birth Certificate is compulsory, to check you are Indian or Not.

2 rbi

3. Every certificate is necessary even if its your nursery class marksheet, we don’t want Arvind Kejriwal to put cases against us.

3 rbi

4. ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ notes will be demonetised soon, please go to your nearest bank to change it.

4 rbi

5. Bank workers should be allowed to visit only twice a week, workers should come to the office with all the necessary items they needed for night stays.

5 rbi

6. ‘Earthquake’ announcements will not be made near Gujarat region.

Rahul gandhi narendra modi

7. Everyone should have the internet on their phones even if it is NOKIA 1110.

7 rbi

8. U cannot deposit cash in your account if you had Poha in your breakfast.

IND04.0001.xxf1rw  9. From Monday you cannot deposit cash in your account if 9.03am Churchgate local from Virar is more than 8 minutes late.  <img decoding=

BY: Saket Sharma

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