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NLC Blog: The last single standing. How does it feel when you are the only bachelor in your friend’s circle?

It’s not too long that I was happy with my young teenage life. I was exploring all the new horizons with my buddies, the freedom of being ‘’adult’’. I had planned all the kinds of stuff that I will be doing with my buddies after my graduation, from planning that canceled Goa trip to fly to Tomorrowland. And no, marriage was not on our lists. But what you do when your partner in crimes decides to ditch your plan of being ‘’bachelor’’ and get married? The feeling of betrayal you get. And probably, you’ll be attending your friend’s marriages in next year.

Age bar factor: A serious problem for my family members.

28 and he’s still a bachelor. You started to see all the wedding all around you, from the physical world to your facebook feed. Every school friend you know is marrying. That ‘pados waali aunty’ will poke you about your wedding plans in every public gathering you happen to meet.

Everyone around you wants you to marry. Like, right now.

Everyone around wants you to marry from your friends to your relatives, to that ‘bai’. Everyone will persuade you to find a compatible girl and marry ASAP. And above all, that friend that had vowed will not marry, had ditched you, and get married. With each passing day, my facebook feed is looking more like that of a professional wedding guest, where my facebook friends are posting their wedding pictures and here I am sitting, liking and commenting on their pics.

And no more planning and hangouts with your ‘jigri yaar’

When your friends get married, your occasional hang-outs become more occasional. Your circle gets smaller and smaller and those amusing weekends tend to become dull and boring. And eventually, you start to hang out with your young cousins, or, start to find new friends and acquaintances. Like Jack Anderson mentioned in his comment, the married couples start hanging out with other couples.

And then a time comes when all my friends are becoming parents. And that time, when your friends are becoming the parent of their child. Eventually, putting them into a new circle of responsibility, and here you are, still standing as SINGLE.

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By Ananya Pandit

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