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New Farm Laws will weaken nation’s foundation: Rahul Gandhi.

By Ishank Katyal

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Sunday shared his views on the three new farm laws enacted by the Central Government and said that it will do nothing but “weaken” the foundation of the nation and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider the laws for the interest of the farmers.

Gandhi hailed a scheme launched by the state government to set English Medium schools in all districts, saying the language provides a global opportunity to youth on Chhattisgarh statehood day celebrations.

The Chhattisgarh statehood day celebrations were founded on November 1, 2020 after being parted from Madhya Pradesh, was held at Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s official residence.

Gandhi said that farmers, labourers, small businessmen, mothers, sisters, and youth have been financially affected the most due to COVID- 19 pandemic.

“But we should not accept it. We should protect farmers, labourers and small businessmen and stand with them,” the former Congress president said.

Farmers and labourers are the foundation of the country. Villages are the foundation of the cities while farmers and labourers are the foundation of the villages, he added.

“If we weaken the foundation- the farmers and the labourers- then the entire structure will be weakened. When we protect farmers and labourers, we are not only protecting them but also safeguarding our nation and its future,” said Gandhi.

“Similarly, youth and children are the foundation of our future. If we do not give opportunity to them, then we will be weakening the future of the nation,” he added.

 Gandhi also referred to the farm laws enacted by the central government. “I am pained that farmers in the country are being attacked.”

He noted that recently during an election rally, in Bihar, he said mandi (farm produce markets) and minimum support price (MSP) hold a great significance, and these ensure protection to the interests of farmers and labourers.

“I accept that there can be lacunae in mandi, MSP and procurement systems, but if we destroy the entire system, like it was done in Bihar in 2006, then the country’s foundation will be destroyed. Therefore, we have been fighting against the three new central farm laws, he said.

Mr Gandhi also said he had asked the prime minister to reconsider these laws and strengthen the mandi system.

“If there are a smaller number of Mandis, then increase it, and if there are flaws in the MSP, then rectify it, but don’t destroy the entire system.

“I am confident that the PM will reconsider the three laws in view of the sentiments of farmers as these laws will weaken the country’s foundation,” Gandhi said.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel released the third instalment of cash benefit under the Rajiv

Mr Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojna to 18.38 lakh farmers in the state. Baghel also launched the Swami Atmanand Government English Medium School scheme, aimed at providing education in the English language to students across the state.

The CM also dedicated mobile hospital-cum-laboratories in 30 urban slum areas under the Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme.

Hailing the schemes, Mr Gandhi said, “Many people will think what will happen if English medium schools are started.

But the English language provides a global opportunity to youth. Hindi and our local languages have their own place. But English language gives global opportunities.”

“The poor people should get this opportunity. We believe the sons of farmers and labourers should get big opportunities,” he said.

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