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New Delhi records newly found 1000 cases on consecutive fourth day, reminds horrible picture of 2021

Edited By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Destruction, Helplessness and Deprivation due to the horrible virus of COVID-19.

April 26, 2022 {New Delhi}: The deadly virus which haunted the whole world in the past year is back with a new variant affecting 18,75,887 people and death count recorded at 26,170. On Monday, national capital Delhi records 1,011 new COVID-19 cases and one death so far, while recovery rate rises to 6.42 per cent, according to the Health Department.

In Picture: The pain of separation during quarantine for Covid infected patients. Pic Credit: Getty Images.

As per recent reports, Total 15,642 COVID-19 tests are being conducted in the city till now. On Sunday, Delhi records 1,083 active CoronaVirus cases while one person died due to a disease. On Saturday, Delhi records its highest number of cases since February 10, with an active cases of 4.82 percent and with two deaths recorded so far. Delhi has registered 1,042 cases with an active cases of 4.64 per cent and two deaths on Friday.

With the capital noticing a sudden rise in corona virus infections over the past few days,the number of active cases in the city has now increase to 4,168 from 601 on April 11 ,according to the health department figures.However the hospitalisation rate so far has been low,accounting for less than three per cent of the total active cases.Currently ,90 COVID-19 patients are admitted in Delhi hospitals , while 3,067 are retrieving in home isolation.

Picture Credit: Google.

After seeing rapidly rising cases, The Delhi Government on Friday issued an order directing authorities to decree a fine of Rs 500 on people not wearing masks in public places. The fine will not applicable for the people travelling together in their private four wheelers. Delhi Government imposed fines for not wearing masks on April 12 because of rapid increase in cases. The decision to bring back the mask is now mandatory and the fine came at a meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management policies for the national capital. The health department of the city said that from Thursday, Delhi is providing free preventive doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the inheritors in the 18-59 age group at government vaccination centres. Every state has issued their mandatory guidelines to curb the situation of COVID-19.

Written By : Anshika Shree Awasthi

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