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New day new spat in Samajwadi Party, Family on the verge of Official Division!

It seems like New Year in Samajwadi family is going to be a ridiculous blast. Sources close to Mulayam family has revealed that a lot of MP’s who were supporting AkhileshYadav during Chacha-Bhatija fight has been kept out of the ticket distribution list.

As we all know tickets distribution to the MP’s before contesting the election in Samajwadi party is decided by NetaJimulayam Singh Yadav and Netaji always seek for Shivpal’s suggestion during the selection process.
This time ShivpalYadav has reacted very differently by suggesting some names to Netaji for the exclusion of those names from Election contesting MP’s list and Neta has approved some names as well.

This action of Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has put UP CM AkhileshYadav in doubt that for what reason the Party Chief has taken such decision. This time also AkhileshYadav has reacted very normally to this action of Netaji because he knows that this is not the decision of Netaji someone else has concluded his action through Netaji and he is ShivpalYadav.

AkhileshYadav has asked his fired MP’s to contest Election at Individual level and if Samajwadi Party wins Vidhansabha election in 2017 then he will include his troop of fired MP’sin his party. It has been also supposed that if the same process will continue i.e. exclusion of Akhilesh supporting MP’s from party during the elections. Then it’s also very sure that Akhilesh can form his new Political Party for contesting 2017 Vidhansabha Election.

Sources have also revealed that if Samajwadi Party wins 2017 election and AkhileshYadav again takes the pledge for the Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh then he will not let his Chacha and he will take every legal action against Shivpal’s every illegal action.

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