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Neha Dhupia car rams into another car, onlooking clicks selfie with her

They say that being a celebrity has its own advantages and disadvantages, and Neha Dhupia just got acquainted with the bad side of it recently when she was heading to the airport and met with an accident.

So, after her car rammed into another car, the onlookers instead of helping her out, started taking selfies with her. Yes, they just ignored that she had just met with an accident, and instead they were happy celebrating their fanboy moment apparently.

“Neha met with an accident on her way to the airport in Chandigarh after promoting Nofilter Neha. A car from behind rammed into hers. The impact hurt her shoulder a bit but there’s nothing serious. She is doing fine. The back window of the car is broken. It was quite insensitive of the crowd to take selfies after they saw she met with an accident,” a source told Indian Express.

It’s strange but that’s how it is. Even in that unfortunate incident, people forgot that she might just not be well, or still in a state of shock. We hope at least they asked her that she was okay before taking a selfie.

So, even in the moment of shock, celebrities often have to smile and pose!

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