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“NEET ‘Paper Leak’ Mastermind Amit Anand Discloses Question Paper Price in His Confession”

In a significant development regarding the NEET paper leak case, Amit Anand, identified as the mastermind behind the incident, has reportedly confessed key details to authorities. According to his statement, the NEET question paper was leaked a day before the examination, and students were provided with both the questions and answers on the same day. They were instructed to memorize the answers overnight.

Anand disclosed that the price charged for the leaked question paper was between Rs 30-32 lakh per candidate. This revelation has sparked widespread protests across the country, demanding the cancellation of the NEET (Undergraduate) 2024 and advocating for a re-examination.

The case has led to 13 arrests so far, including that of a Junior Engineer named Sikandar from Danapur Municipality, who allegedly facilitated the leak. Amit Anand further admitted that police found burnt remnants of the NEET question paper and answer sheet at his residence in Patna. He also confessed to having been involved in previous instances of leaking examination papers.

A case has been filed against him at Shastrinagar police station in Patna, Bihar, where he detailed his modus operandi and interactions with those involved in the scam, including how he met candidates through intermediaries like Sikandar. This confession has shed light on the elaborate network and operations behind one of the most serious exam malpractice incidents in recent times.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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