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All you need to know about first Made-In-India submarine INS Kalvari

Showing the military might to the world, and giving the boost to PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ project, the Indian Navy today unveiled the INS Kalvari, a submarine.

Terming “It is the best example of Make-In-India,” PM Modi commissioned the submarine in Mumbai. Over 2-years, six Scorpene-submarines are expected to be delivered by the Navy. The submarines are being built by Mazagon Dock Limited as a part of Project-75 of the Indian Navy.

Currently, India has just about 15 submarines against China that has 4 times as many.

Here are the 7 things you need to know about INS Kalvari.

1. Submarine is designed by French naval defence and Energy Company DCNS which is powered by a diesel or electric based.

2. The name of the submarine is named after the dreaded tiger shark, deadly sea predator of the Indian Ocean.

3. According to MDL, submarine houses real super stealth features like advanced acoustic silencing, hydrodynamically optimised shape, low radiated noise levels, and the ability to launch a crippling attack on the enemy using precision-guided weapons, according to MDL.

4. The submarine, which has a speed of 20 knots, is equipped with sea-skimming SM-39 Exocet missiles and heavy-weight wire-guided surface and underwater target torpedoes.

5. Indian Navy handed over the submarine to the Indian Navy by MDL in September this year after it went 120 days of extensive sea trials and tests for various types of equipment.

6. This is first of the six Scorpene-class submarines handed over by MDL in Mumbai.

7. The six submarines are being built as part of the Rs 23,652 crore “Project-75” of the Indian Navy.

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