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Narendra Modi Stopped his Convoy to Meet a 4-year-old

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India is always known for his unique way of meeting general public. His desire to be in contact with the people of India is seen on many occasions.

He took a metro ride to inaugurate extension of the Badarpur line in 2015 which will directly connect Faridabad to capital. The metro was filled with common people who met the PM for a quick chat and photographs.

Recently, he took the PM of Australia for a metro ride till Akshardham for a visit while meeting common people on his way.

During Independence Day and Republic day after the parade ceremony, he is always known to meet the common people. Instead of riding in a bulletproof car for a while he prefers to walk while waving the people and shaking hands with them.

Recently, in Gujarat, Narendra Modi stops his convoy to meet a four-year-old. The road was tightly packed with people all around while his convoy was passing when suddenly a young girl named Nancy appears hesitantly to take a glimpse of him but stopped by the commandos. Narendra Modi who saw her stopped his SUV and called back that little girl. He met her for few seconds, said few words and resumed his journey again.

The crowd who saw this felt amazed by his sweet gesture and started chanting ‘Modi, Modi Modi ’.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister went on to receive Sheikh Hasina without the traffic restriction placed for smooth VIP movement.


By – Parul Kulshrestha

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