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Naga Sadhus at Khumbh takes the vow to quit smoking


The most prized possession which naga sadhus posses is ‘Chillum’ (clay pipes used for smoking). But now, these sadhus have decided to give up their Chillum.

After having a conversation with yoga guru Baba Ramdev, they have even taken a pledge to quit smoking. This decision was taken after Baba Ramdev gave many examples of Hindu deities who stayed away from smoking when they took human form on earth.

The only possessions which naga sadhus have are holy beads, garlands and Chillum. These sadhus smoke chillum in order to stay warm in the cold climates.

Ramdev met these sadhus after completing his yoga classes in at the Kumbh Mela, he asked chillums from those sadhus as a part of ‘Guru Dakshina’.

“Several sadhus took pledge for quiting smoking, I was really happy to see a positive response from those sadhus for ‘Nashamukt Bharat’ (addiction-free India). I asked them if they have ever seen or read in any scripture or holy book where it says hindu deities were indulged in any unhealthy activities”, Ramdev said.

He further added that they were also able to understand the negative effect, which was harming their health.

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