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MP’s in Rajya Sabha are hustling over 10 per cent bill for EWS – Bill on hold

MP’s in Rajya Sabha are only hustling, 10 per cent bill for EWS not passed yet

After 12 o’clock, the proceedings of the state board started again. The Constitution Amendment Bill providing ten per cent reservation to economically backward sections (EWS) in the General category has been tabled in the Rajya Sabha amidst. The legislation, namely the Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill, 2019 facilitates reservation for EWS people in the upper caste in the direct government recruitments and admission in higher educational institutions.  The Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Moving the bill, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thaawarchand Gehlot said it will uplift the poor of the nation and the decision has been taken after thorough consideration. He said it aims at economic and educational upliftment of weaker sections among the Upper Castes. He rejected the allegation that the bill has been brought in a hurry, saying it was a long pending demand and government wants to deliver justice to the weaker section of society.

 Right after the Mr Gehlot introduced the bill, Kanimohzi of DMK objected it, demanding the legislation to be authenticated by the Select Committee. While the Minister was making introductory statements on the bill, Congress and some other Opposition members were against the 10 per cent (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Amid the chaos, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel said Home Minister Rajnath Singh will make a statement on the bill at 2pm. He accused the Congress of stalling the Reservation bill indirectly due to technical grounds.

To this, Anand Sharma of Congress clarified that his party is in favour of the bill, but the government should state the reason behind its introduction after 4 and a half years of being in power. He alleged that the intention is to gain political profit to grab votes.

Initiating the discussion on the bill, Prabhat Jha of BJP said, the party understands the sentiments of crores of people to benefit from the legislation unlike the Congress. He accused the Congress of trying to stall the bill even as it supported its passing in the Lok Sabha.

As noisy scenes continued, Deputy Chairman Harivansh adjourned the House till 2 PM.

The proceedings of the House began at 2:00 PM. While debating the bill, Prabhat Jha of BJP said that people close to the general category often talk about when reservation will be received. I want to congratulate Narendra Modi who comes from a backward society & a tea seller family. who brought this bill. He challenged Rahul Gandhi and challenged why Rahul, who speaks on Rafal, does not speak on this bill.

Anand Sharma objected to Prabhat Jha for taking Rahul Gandhi’s name in the Rajya Sabha. He said that the criticisms of the members of the second house cannot be permitted in the Rajya Sabha. Whatever Prabhat Jha said about Rahul Gandhi, he should be removed from the proceedings of the House with an immediate effect. The deputy speaker responded to Anand Sharma plea and said that if there is such a rule then we will see.

Speaking on the bill, BJP MP Prabhat Jha said that Bill will benefit from 95% people of the country, does PM Modi not listen to the voice of 95% people. Only 5% of the families will be kept out of the priviledge of extracting the advantage from 10 per cent Reservation Bill. This bill is not the voice of youth. Congress will present liberal politics today. Congress will raise heart.

After that, Anand Sharma of Congress said that the country was shown to be fairly happy & healthy till 2014. He asked BJP, When will the good days come? The country is waiting for a good day. It is said that after the high tide there is low tide Our faith is in democracy. We support reservations. What happened was the bill that was immediately brought to the house. What has happening for 4 years and seven months. Why did the government bring a bill in the last session? From 5-0, they lost the series.  In a few months the government is going to go. After which CPM MP demanded postponement of discussion on reservation bill under rule 117. Deputy Speaker said that the Chairman has rejected this demand of MP and the discussion can not be terminated.

 Anand Sharma said that the Constitution will not fill the belly of the poor with the amendment, he will not get justice. He said that the promises made for the farmer, the promises made for the young man, what is happening to them? He said that when the government was to show up quickly, women would show it on the reservation bill, why the government did not come by this bill even after four years. For politics you have got three divorce bill (Teen Talak) but when will the rest women get justice? He said, “this government only seek for his personal profit. They have a better technique of deluding people with fake promises. He said that the Congress favoured this bill because we raised the voice of justice for social equality and especially the upper castes. We support this bill.

Samajwadi Party’s Ram Gopal Yadav also questioned the timings of the government bringing the bill. He said that the target of this bill is 2019 elections. If you had honesty in your heart then this bill could have come two to four years ago. This gives people the benefit. Yadav said that this bill is against the big bench of the Supreme Court and the court can also uphold it. He said that there are no jobs in this, and after this, a few later reservations will also become meaningless. Yadav said that the government should also arrange reservations in the private sector as the government is working on contracts in the sector, jobs are continuously decreasing.

AIADMK MP Navnitakrishnan opposed the 10 per cent reservation bill. He said that Tamil Nadu will be the biggest loss from this bill. He said that there is no constitutional assembly of Parliament and neither does it have such power, I am not saying that the Supreme Court has said. He said that his humble request is just that and which is also clear from the decisions of the Supreme Court that Parliament or any law can not change the basic structure of the Constitution. He further said that on this basis, this bill will also be challenged in the Supreme Court and it will be released from the Supreme Court. The Constitution is always above the Parliament and its high position should be maintained. 69 per cent reservation is applicable in Tamil Nadu and this extra 10 per cent reservation will be violated. In addition, it will also challenge the basic structure of the Constitution. Applying 10 per cent reservation without data will be a violation of the basic rights of the people. After presenting his view, he walked out of the house.

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