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Molested On Live TV, This Model Gives A Fitting Reply To The Accused. No Means No

When a girl says NO, she means it. But some men have a problem understanding such a simple word, and for the same people, a special treatment is needed. A treatment of public humiliation mix with those sandals and ‘’chappals’’ so that they remember in the future.

So, when this bikini model told this pervert TV presenter to be in his “limit”, and keep his hands off her backside during a gratuitous sunscreen demonstration, he presumed that she is joking.
After being instructed of what he doesn’t have to do, but went head with that, left stranded with bottles of sunscreen. What made the situation more embarrassing was the live show on television.

The model, Rayssa Teixeiro Melo, won the praises of comments online for her response to the Lascivious Lech’s Brazen to the bum-grab, which happened during a supposed health segment of a Brazilian TV show.

The model lauded the presenter with slaps and bottles of sunscreen after been warned by the mode on crossing the line. To which, the presenter overlooks the warning and continue with his “work”. To which the Brazilian model gets irritated and taught the lesson for a life time. Watch the video here.

Being in a bikini doesn’t mean that it’s OK to touch her in any way you want.

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