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Modi Warned UP BJP MPs For Transferring Or Lobbying For Government Officers.

Prior to BJP government, Uttar Pradesh has been ruled by BSP and SP government, where the transfer of government officials and promotions was based on the principal of foot-licking. BJP has come to power after 15 years.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has warned BJP MPs from Uttar Pradesh to stay away from lobbying for transfer postings of government officials. He also said, “If any of the MP found guilty of lobbying for government officer, then strict action will be taken against them.” PM Modi also advised MPs of Uttar Pradesh not to put unnecessary pressure on the police department of the state and also to not interfere in the work of bureaucrats. They should be given free hand should be no discriminate among the officers on basis of their caste and religion. As per our sources, there was no particular meeting held for this discussion. PM  Narendra Modi just warned all the BJP MPs over breakfast.

The previous government was accused of allotting key positions to the government officers who were having their contacts. Now, the officials will be posted according to their credibility and strengths in their particular fields. With this step, PM Modi has increased the confidence withing the bureaucrats. With this PM Modi’s slogan ‘Sab Ka Sath, Sak Ka Vikas’ will boost Uttar Pradesh’s road to development.

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