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MLA’S new SUV wrecked down by filling Diesel in it

Politicians are always in news for owning expensive SUV’s.But this time there is an MLA Mohiuddin Bava, from Karnataka who recently brought a Volvo XC90 T9 Excellence. Daiji World reported that Bava, who became the first Indian to buy the newly launched Volvo XC 90 T9 Excellence for Rs 1. 65 crores.

Readers if you are thinking this is only the news, nooo wait then.

Mohiuddin Bava’s son took the brand new SUV to fuel station, to ironically the attendant at fuel station filled Diesel instead of Petrol in the fuel tank which made then his car back to the service centre.

Reacting to the incident, the Congress MLA said, “As I was in Bengaluru for the Assembly session, my son had taken the new car to the fuel station. Though my son had instructed him (the attendant) clearly to fill petrol, when my son went to pay, he found that the staff had filled diesel.”

As most of the SUV cars in India run on diesel which may have been the reason for the attendant’s blunder.

Experts suggest the damage can be nominal if the mistake can be spotted at the fuelling station itself, then it can be rectified by drawing out the wrong fuel from the car.

But if one turns on the ignition, the repair costs can be very expensive and the car should be stopped as soon as possible if the engine is turned on.

A petrol engine running on diesel can break the injection pump and the overheating caused by the unburnt diesel can also result in overheating of the catalyst.

An earlier report by Daiji World said that the hybrid luxury car was bought from a Bengaluru showroom and the MLA was looking for a fancy number for the car.

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