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Milla Jovovich left in split when Salman Khan’s stardom overshadowed her’s

Though he might not have any Hollywood movie scheduled in his name, but his stardom at the international platform is not lesser than any Hollywood star.

We are talking about the one and only Salman Khan. His stardom and fans overshadowed the stars sitting on the international platform.

Describing the same incident in an interview, the Resident Evil star actress Milla Jovovich, said that “We (Salman and I) were staying in the same hotel and I was shocked because there was this huge crowd of fans inside the hotel. First, immediately I thought they were my fans and I walked out all ah. No one is paying attention to me at all and what’s going on. Suddenly this guy (Salman Khan) walks by and everyone is like, Oh My God!! I see all of this happen and ask myself Jesus Christ who is this guy? And then we get to know he’s the biggest Indian Bollywood star and he’s a huge deal.”

The actress further revealed that although the incident was quite interesting, she got no attention. “That incident was quite interesting yet humiliating. We were all prepared to sign autographs and no one was interested and it was funny. We would turn up, pull-up at the hotel and literally, more than 100 fans gathered outside the hotel. When we pulled up and got out of the car, no one was interested in us and it was so funny,” said Jovovich.

Expressing her desires to work with Salman Khan, Milla says, “I would love that. I don’t know about the singing and the dancing bit. Though I’d have to… it will be my next training.”

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