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Meet Rupa Yadav: The Girl Who Was Married At The Of 8 Is All Set To Become A Doctor

Even as the child marriage is prevalent in the country, this girl’s story is inspiring millions of the people in the country already. The girls were married at the meagre age as lows as 4 years, were denied the basic right; the right to education.

Breaking the same stereotypes and the mindset of the people, a 20-year old woman from Kareri village near Jaipur Rajasthan has led her way achieving what she wanted if given right opportunity. Married at just 8 years, the things don’t go well in the favour of Rupa, but that doesn’t let Rupa deter with her dream.

However, this girl decided to continue with her education. Now, 12 years after her marriage, Rupa is all set to attend the medical school to become a doctor. Along with Rupa’s hard work and determination, it is her husband and her in-laws who should also be given due credit.

Her husband’s family supported her decision to pursue her dream and helped her financially to continue with her higher education. Recently, Rupa cleared the National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test (NEET) for medical education. In her third attempt, Rupa scored 603 in the NEET and is currently attending counselling for admission.

Rupa got married when she was a student of class three. She said it’s her husband, Shankar Lal, who was just 12 at the time of marriage, and her in-laws, particularly brother-in-law Babulal, supported her in pursuing her dream.

“I scored 84 per cent in my Class 10 examinations. Everyone, including our neighbours and relatives, told my in-laws to let me continue my education and they agreed. I am very thankful for their support,” Rupa said.

In fact, her in-laws and husband made sure that Rupa got proper coaching in a Kota Institute to help her write her entrance exams well. “My in-laws, like my parents, are farmers.

The income from farming is meagre. So, my husband started plying a cargo taxi to sponsor my education,” she said. Rupa’s story once again brings to light why every girl in India deserves to go to school.

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