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No Fear No Favour

Meet Munna Bajrangi, The Real- Life ‘King of Mirzapur’ Who has murdered at least 40 people.

By Ishank Katyal

Image courtesy: India Times

Mirzapur Season two has been released on Prime Video two days ago and is receiving a great response from both critics as well as audiences. A tale of revenge, fight for the throne and cold- blooded murders, the series revolves around the fight between Guddu Pandit and Munna Bhaiya.

You will be amazed to know that Mirzapur is losely inspired by the real life gangster of Uttar Pradesh, Prem Prakash Singh a.k.a Munna Bajrangi whose name is feared the most in Mirzapur, Jaunpur and Varanasi regions of UP.

He entered the world of crime at the age of 17. That time, he was registered for his first murder and illegal possession of arms.

After doing some independent killings, Bajrangi joined Gajraj Singh’s gang in Jaunpur (You have also heard about this place in the series.)

After that he went to join Mukhtar Ansari and gang in 1990s and became the close associate. Ansari’s gang had its influence all over the East Uttar Pradesh (Puruvanchal) and was operated from the Mau region.

Munna Bajrangi was also involved with Ansari while murdering the BJP leader Krishanand Rai as a part of some gang rivalry. Bajrangi and his gang killed Rai by firing 400 bullets from six AK- 47 rifels in a broad daylight. This was one of the most brutal gang wars ever happened in UP.

After this murder, Bajrangi shifted to Mumbai along with his family. He became the most wanted criminal after committing 40 murders and extortions. Munna Bajrangi also carried the reward of Rs.7,00,000 on his arrest. In 2009, he was finally arrested by Delhi Police in the coordination of Mumbai Police.

While being in jail, he even contested an unsuccessful election in 2012 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Polls from Mariyahu in Jaunpur as an Apna Dal candidate.

His connections with criminal gangs and politicians forced the jail authorities to shift him from one jail to another.

In July 2018, he was shot dead by Sunil Rathi at Baghpat Jail, who was a jail inmate and part of a rivalry gang.

The investigations of his murder are currently being probed by CBI.

However, the makers of Mirzapur never said that the series is based on the life of Munna Bajrangi, as his name almost resembles with the content of the show.

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