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Meet Hiralal Samanta, the man who has been singing National Anthem outside UP assembly for past 7 years

While the nation is still busy debating on national anthem playing in theatres before is right or not, we have a person who stands outside the UP assembly for 7 years every day.

Meet Hiralal Samanta, a 49-year-old man from Lucknow, who has been singing the national anthem in front of the Uttar Pradesh assembly. With least regard to the mockery or paying attention to the seriousness of the lookers, Hiralal could not stop showing off his love for the country and the National Anthem. Wearing a fancy hat in his head, Hiralal starts singing ‘Jana Gana Mana’ without paying attention to others.

Hiralal, who is also known as ‘Bengali Baba’ by many of the people in the state, is seen standing at the Vidhan Bhawan gate at 9:30 am in the morning has become his daily routine for him.

When asked about the reason behind the act, Hiralal said that he loves his country and want to bring back the feeling of patriotism among the youth. Here’s what he said, “We should respect the freedom that we received after many difficulties and which cost us the lives of many great men.”

Hiralal, who basically hails from a small village in Howrah, came to Lucknow in search of a job. Currently, he is working in a hotel at Hazratganj. Hiralal said that police used to question him every time he visits there, but after they came to know the reason behind his act; he started gaining appreciation and praises for his work.

Hiralal said, “At first, some police officers got suspicious and asked me why I was doing this. But when they saw me doing it regularly, they appreciated my efforts and supported it by saying ‘Bengali Dada accha kaam kar Rahe ho’ (you are doing a good job).”

After listening to the reason behind this act of Hiralal, all I can say is we need more people like him! We are inspired by you Mr. Hiralal Samanta. Yes, Bengali Dada Aaap Acha Kaam Kar Rahe Ho!

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